Zuzuka Poderosa’s Jane the Virgin Song ‘Tambores’ Is a Street Paradise

The temperature is disgusting in New York City right now—why am I wearing tights and a sweater in June?!—but this new video by Zuzuka Poderosa gives me something to aspire to and, if we’re being honest, she always does that. The Brazilian-bred, Brooklyn-based MC is a beacon for what she terms “carioca bass”—the funk carioca … Continued

Subswara f. Zuzuka Poderosa featured in Jane The Virgin!

Subswara’s f. Zuzuka Poderosa, infectious Urban-Carnival-themed song, “Tambores,” was featured in the Emmy Award winning CW show, Jane The Virgin. The scene is of a young Jane visiting Calle 8 during the most important Latin music street festival in Miami. When the song comes to the forefront, Jane, her mom and abuela experience more than … Continued